List of flowers

This list of flowers contains 2394 flower names listed alphabetically from A to Z. All flower names are written in english.

Information in this guide has been compiled from a number of sources and is being updated with new material as it becomes available.

We will be adding in depth information for specific species at a later date.

List of Flowers for Late Winter or Early Spring:

Winter Aconite, Witch Hazel, Crocus, Camellia, Snowdrop, Chionodoxa

List of Spring Flowers for Early Spring Bloom:

Daffodil, Forsythia, Scilla, Anemone, Pussy Willow

List of Mid-Spring Flowers:

Daffodil, Tulip, Rhododendron and azaleas, Muscari, Dogwood trees, Magnolia Tree, Trillium, Ornamental forms of Cherry and Crabapple trees, Hyacinths, Primrose

List of Late Spring Flowers:

Tulip, Magnolia Tree, Lilac, Spiraea, Peonies, Allium, Wood Anemone, Jack in the Pulpit

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